✝ there's no happy endings - endings are the saddest part, so give me a happy middle and a very happy start.
✝ early mornings, whispers, poems, menthol cigarettes & psychical puking, good coffee, xmas lights, alcohol & crazy nights, friends, traveling, cats, gigs, high heels & lipstick, studying languages, colourful hair & beautiful people, magic, vampires, writing & photographing, dancing in the middle of the hell of neon lights.
✝ instagram: julmasara


belly of the beast 


“My real fans understand what it is I do, but on another level I have fans who just love my music and don’t know I write it and enjoy it shallowly — and that’s OK too. I think art and music should be just as powerful if you drink it shallow as if you drink it deep.”

"Some people are so ungrateful to be alive… But not you. Not anymore.”model: me (lethalullaby)

✖ Sleep with one eye open ✖